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Fighting to Protect Your Rights

Federal and/or state law guarantees the right of people to be free from discrimination based on race, sex/gender, religion, national origin, color, sexual orientation, age and arrest or conviction record. Federal law also prohibits government agencies — and people acting on behalf of government agencies — from depriving individuals of the rights guaranteed to them by the United States Constitution and other laws.

At the law firm of Amy F. Scarr, S.C., in Madison, Wisconsin, we have built a reputation for using the court system to protect our clients' fundamental rights. We regularly sue government entities and individuals who have violated our clients' rights, including police officers who are liable for police misconduct.

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Wisconsin Police Misconduct Attorney With a Record of Success

Attorney Amy F. Scarr has successfully handled several high-profile civil rights cases in Wisconsin, including a case in which she obtained a large financial settlement from the City of Beloit after filing a federal lawsuit alleging one of its police officers conducted an illegal strip search of her 16-year-old client and used excessive force against him.

Ms. Scarr is committed to using the legal process to seek justice and produce lasting social change. Our law firm has the skills, experience and resources to effectively handle a broad range of serious civil rights disputes, including those involving:

  • Police misconduct
  • Police brutality
  • Police excessive force
  • False arrest
  • Unlawful strip searches
  • Housing rights
  • Discrimination

We genuinely care about our clients and view each client as important and deserving of the best possible legal representation. We will work closely with you to understand the facts of your case and to keep you informed through every step of the litigation process.

If you have been mistreated by a police officer, your civil rights may have been violated. Police misconduct is a very serious matter. Citizens must hold law enforcement officers accountable for their abusive actions such as police brutality. It is your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. The 4th Amendment to the Constitution gives us that right, and it is up to us as citizens to protect that right.

Even if there is probable cause to arrest a person, that person has rights. For example, the police cannot use more force than is necessary against an arrestee. If the arrestee is not resisting arrest, not trying to flee, and not threatening the officer and an officer uses more force than is necessary, then the officer violates the arrestee's rights by using excessive force.

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